Make your spring journeys safer with a set of MICHELIN tyres and get a Michelin Tyre Maintenance Kit.

You'll be eligible to claim a free Michelin Tyre Maintenance Kit when you buy four selected MICHELIN passenger, 4WD or SUV tyres in one transaction at a participating dealer between 26 September and 31 October 2016.

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The Michelin Tyre Maintenance Kit includes a Michelin Micro Tyre Inflator and a Michelin digital tread depth and pressure gauge. The 12V inflator is designed for topping up tyre pressures quickly and easily. The compact unit easily fits in the glove box. The gauge is accurate to +/- 1 PSI. The unit is switchable between PSI, BAR and kPa. The unit also has a USB socket ideal for charging mobile phones and tablets. 

Correctly inflated tyres are safer

  •  Overinflated tyres wear unevenly, have less grip on the road and can affect braking ability.

  • • Underinflated tyres wear more quickly and affect cornering, braking and water dispersion.
  • • A vehicle can aquaplane if the depth of water is greater than the remained tread depth and it's travelling fast enough.

Your tyres should be kept at the pressure recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer. Information about the correct pressure for your tyres can be found on a label inside the driver's door pillar (passenger side in some makes) or in your owner's manual.

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